I can’t quite believe how much happened in 2017 — enough to last me a lifetime!

I published my first novel, My Mother’s Shadow, in the UK and translation rights were sold to ten countries. The German, Hebrew, Swedish, Estonian and Slovenian translations all published alongside the English-language edition in September and did brilliantly! I visited the Frankfurt Book Fair to talk to a lovely group of German bloggers, and I went on a blog tour in the UK — a fab experience!

On the writing front, I was hard at work on my second book all year, a new novel called Summer of Secrets. It is set in one of my favourite places on earth, the Cornish coast, and the plot moves between Maddy heading into a terrible tragedy in 1939 and Chloe trying to extricate herself from a toxic relationship in 2009 as they both discover that it’s impossible to ever truly know the one you love.

It’s been a happy, exhilarating, nerve-wracking, spectacular year. And, hardly drawing breath at all, I’m plunging headfirst into another one. Happy 2018!

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