Summer of Secrets

UK e-Book and UK Paperback out in September 2018

August 1939, days before the outbreak of World War 2: A group of friends comes together for a last glorious country house weekend at Summerhill, a remote estate on the Cornish coast. Home to the young Hamilton sisters Madeleine and Georgiana, Summerhill promises safety and shelter against the looming threat of war and sixteen-year-old Maddy, still reeling from the traumatic memories of her father’s fatal accident, has been anxiously awaiting her sister’s return from an extended tour of Europe.

Twenty-one year old Georgiana, however, having raised her sister at Summerhill from a young age, has fallen in love with the ‘outside’ world, her glamorous, new friends and, in particular, her new boyfriend Victor Deverill. As the London crowed descends upon the tranquil estate, the once unshakeably close bond between the two sisters begins to show the first cracks, something Madeleine is aware of but powerless to stop. As the country heads into war, Maddy must make some difficult choices and before the weekend is over, a terrible tragedy will have struck, leaving no life unchanged.

Seventy years later, Chloe MacAllister, a young photographer living in Plymouth, is sent to work on a project with Madeleine Hamilton, now a famously reclusive children’s book artist still living at Summerhill. Married to charming and successful Aidan MacAllister, with a baby on the way, Chloe’s seemingly perfect life is the envy of all. But the magic of Summerhill and the unexpected friendship with the older woman draw her into the mystery of what happened there decades before and before too long, Chloe will have to make some difficult choices of her own.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be on Talk Radio Europe’s The Book Show, where I chatted with Hannah Murray about the inspiration behind My Mother’s Shadow, how I stared writing, and what I’m working on next.


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